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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fieldrunners 2 Going to hit Google Play Store on April 24th

If you’re a fan of Fieldrunners, the popular iOS hit and you have an Android device, then no doubt that you are waiting for its android version. Subatomic Studios (the dev's) released Fieldrunners 2 for iOS in July of 2012 and they didn't care about Android users. Since then the android lovers have just waited but nothing.

Finall, afrer a wait of nine months, Fieldrunners 2 is finally making its way to Android, and is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store on April 24th. Fieldrunners 2 for Android has “over 20 levels” across 4 zones, as the original iOS release had 25 levels. So there might be some reduction in levels but i hope that they would make up the missing levels in their next update. Who gives a damn about levels when people getting the thing they wanted so badly.
I am not confirmed but, Subatomic claims that the game will offer over 20 hours of play time and new game modes to spare your extra time i.e Time Trial, Sudden Death and Puzzle.

lets see how much interesting it would be?


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